Charge the Future

We’ve built a software platform that integrates and optimizes EV Fast Chargers, solar and energy storage with point-of-sale systems at restaurants and retail locations.

ChargeNet Station Rendering
Point-of-Sale System Integration
Carbon Credits
Curbside PoS
20-40 DC Fast Chargers
Energy Cost Reduction
250 kW PV Carports
2 to 4 hrs Energy Storage
Digital Advertising
User Data
ChargeNet Station Rendering

Our Advantage

Best-in-class AI SaaS platform, integration, and uptime

Full charge = Shopping/dining time

Co-located at retail/restaurant with sustainable ethos

DC Fast Charging Vehicle-to-Grid capabilities

Offer more ports  and plugs

Diversified revenues optimized by patentable software IP

“The EV market is rapidly expanding in the U.S., but charging infrastructure has not necessarily kept pace. There is a gap between EVs on the road and the infrastructure needed to support them. But one way to fill that gap is using retailers as potential site hosts for EV charging.”

Charles Satterfield, Atlas Public Policy

Our Solution

Maximizes revenues, optimizes charge scheduling, and captures carbon credits

Uses PoS metadata to tailor Ads on Integrated display

Level 3 DC Fast Charger Dual port CCS & CHAdeMO

Point-of-Sale (PoS) enablement via NFC & AI voice recognition

Network App for EV Charging PoS

Provides grid services, load balances & relieves congestion via DC-coupled Energy Storage

Pandemic Proofing & Recession Resistance

  • “Car Hop” model promotes social distancing via PoS at EV Charger Kiosk
  • Wireless OTA updates to platform, EV Charger Kiosks, PV, and Energy Storage
  • Bargaining leverage for negotiating property leases & land acquisition
  • Availability of prime locations in SoCal and Bay Area
  • Cost efficient build out
  • Attractive rates for capital equipment and construction loans
  • Favorable terms and equipment pricing on PV, Energy Storage, and DC Fast Charger supply chain



Tosh Dutt

Tosh holds a B.S. in Biomedical Engineering. His subject matter expertise in Distributed Energy Resources and EV Charging derives from his work as a consulting engineer and his senior management background. He has successfully built and scaled mature startups and new business units of large organizations such as Doosan GridTech, Enel X, Johnson Controls Inc., Honeywell, Allana, Buick, and Bers, and others.
VP, Project Development

Pete Goddard

Peter has a B.S. in Finance from CSU Long Beach. With a background in CleanTech finance, Peter has spent the last 7 years developing residential and commercial Solar and Energy Storage projects. His deep network of contractor relationships and equipment vendors helps ensure projects are completed right and on time.

ChargeNet’s Leadership Team has a track record of building organizations from the ground up and has demonstrated success in hyper-scaling mature startups and new business units of large organizations by leading technical and business teams, fostering innovation, establishing new business and fortifying long-standing relationships to exceed aggressive growth in rapid scaling scenarios.

Board of Advisors

Kristina Peterson

Kristina’s vast experience and relationships in structured finance and infrastructure guides our execution. She is an executive leader and active energy infrastructure investor. She has served as CEO and CFO of both privately held and public companies across the cleantech sector and as VP, Structured Finance at Citibank and ABN AMRO Bank internationally.

Pete Scarpelli

Pete’s leadership helps navigate commercial real estate opportunities, deal structuring and growth strategy. He is a Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Global Sustainable Future.
Previously, he served as a Co-Chair and Operating Advisor at Pegasus Capital Advisors, a $2+B private equity firm, as CBRE’s Global Managing Director, Energy & Sustainability leading a 250+ international team.

Chadwick Manning

Chad’s successful deployment of software and hardware will help commercialize our Kit-as-a-Service product and scale sustainably. He is an entrepreneur with a mission to solve global energy problems. He is the founding CEO and Chief Strategy Officer of Electriq Power and has been recognized for his work as an energy entrepreneur by Forbes as a "30 Under 30”.

Partnership Development

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